Our Computers Repairs & Services

Onsite Services


Core Computers can take care of all your home and business IT needs.  With Nathan’s 20+ Years experience in IT working on everything from Home, Soho Medium & Government Networks across, Novell, Microsoft & other Redundant network systems there’s not to much we can’t do or figure out. When it does happen we have a Network of IT Company’s that share knowledge bases to ensure that the problem  

With all the years of experience in the field, there isn't a problem that one of our team members haven't seen, which means you will be up and running faster! 

If you have a Specialist application designed for your industry we can talk the talk with your "Help Desk" and more often than not resolve your issues a lot faster. 

 Our motto of “service, sales, solutions” will, in effect, provide you with an affordable, friendly, professional, and trustworthy computer repair service, from start to finish. Get in contact with us now to book an onsite! 

Data Recovery


although this isn't our specialty we have a number of programs for data recovery. Depending on the drives condition we may or may not be able to assist. If the drive is functioning and isn’t making abnormal sounds then there is a chance we can help. Including deleted files, lost or damaged partitions, RAID volumes, camera/flash cards… almost anything! Boomerang is the result of years or research and refinement and is the best choice for getting your data back quickly and affordably. our software supports FAT & NTFS * Windows 10 & Mac volumes all in a single product, all the way up to 

From photos and pictures, USB, HDD, Flash memory cards…  you never know how far back our software can recover from.

Some external drives have different reasons for not working. Best to bring it in.

If your hard drive has unusual noises like the sounds of someone tapping a glass with a spoon we have data recovery specialists that we recommend to get your data back. If we can't get it we know who can.

Network Solutions


Our Team has had extensive experience with many types of computers from the Day’s of DOS & Windows 3.11 and Novell Networks. So getting your windows network running and optimized give us a call. So many Simple things other technician’s have missed that is the first thing we look at when it comes to your network. if it’s Windows 95,98,me,nt,xp,2000,Vista,7,8,8.1 or Windows 10…. We know them all.

If your Desktop pc, Laptop or Printer is giving you problems were here to help.

Our team understand the limitations in many of the different technologies

Do you need Power Over Ethernet or Ethernet over Power ?

Unified Wireless or just a Higher powered Wireless modem i'm sure we can help.

Wireless technology (WLAN) has been around for over 10 Years. Starting off at 11mbps and now available of speeds greater than 2300Mbps. Being more of an Art than a Technology we know a lot of the issues arising from the “installation environment”

Unified Wireless for Larger environments. 

We only use the Best products for the technology and not always can 1 manufacturer offer the best item. But we know what works and that’s what we recommend.

With the emergence of Unified Wireless Architecture for very reasonable prices we can optimize your wireless system and remove the extension networks and use 2 – 20 wireless access points to deliver a better solution for any-size business or Home.

We don't charge a callout fee for End users or Business located in Brendale, Albany Creek or Eatons Hill. And if your a little further away it's not a static charge so we will work with you to deliver the best service possible with an educated knowledge  and experience we can deliver. 



We work with Major Manufacturers to Provide the best Server for the Money. We have access to Most brands but use and Recommend Either HP, Fujitsu or Lenovo Servers depending on your Budget.

Nathan has been building servers for more than 20 years and has extensive knowledge on Configuring them for you. Built some installed at Gold Coast,Gatton,Dalby Shire Councils, And worked for the Service company to keep them up and running.
Supplied Dentists, Legal Firms & Accountants, So what ever you need Let us know.

Because of the quality of the servers we sell some customers choose not to have a maintenance plan. This is the Most economical Option, however to make sure that your backups are running, your Server has the latest updates and get’s a reboot outside of normal business hours is always recommended.

We can offer a Maintenance contract if you like piece of mind and Regular upkeep from as little as $240 per month.

Some Customers prefer the on call option, If we sell it we will drop tools to get there as fast as we can to get you running ASAP.

Call us to compare what you have to what you need or just get a second opinion.



Viruses.  What can we say. We hate them as much as you do but we see many computers every week with everything from Crypto Lockers , Pups & Malware. Depending of what your problem is depends on how quick we can restore your machine back to a running state.

We use and Recommend Eset antivirus for your paid option and Avast if your a home business looking for the quality antivirus program at no cost.  We spend a lot of time removing other antivirus programs from customers machine’s that were of the opinion that they we covered for all the threats. But with many new strands of Viruses & Pups on the internet you need to stay safe.

Come in and see us or check Eset’s website for more information about their product.



need a faster computers but the budget not allowing for it at the moment, We can help by replacing a few components in your desktop or Laptop to enhance the speed from a few hundred dollars.  We have been upgrading systems for customers for years and sometimes just replacing the internal hard drive with a Solid State Drive can be just what you need. if the machine is running well, We can image your drive so you don't have to spend days getting it back to the way it was. 

Bring your machine in and let's see what we can do to help you out.